Renovation and reconstruction

Renovation and reconstruction

If you need repairs on existing properties, you can safely count with our help!

Using modern multimedia technologies, our specialists will carry out all types of repairing work, both separate and turnkey. This could be works as installing heated flooring, wall and ceiling processing, wallpapering, plumbing, wiring and installation of engineering systems, replacing windows and doors, etc.

Planning and organization

Why is it important to carefully monitor the repairment and building project on the site?

Is obvious—in order to achieve the best result for the client. On a foreign territory, a client can lurk many pitfalls based on local realities, language features, and lack of knowledge of the laws.

INMOLUX offers an assistance—full support of the repair and building project, so that not a single missing detail—architectural, engineering, legal—could increase costs in the future.

Project coordination

  • Engineering and design;
  • Regular supervision of repairment work;
  • Providing written and photo reports on the repairment process;
  • Control and justification of financial expenses;
  • Coordination in fiscal matters;
  • Legal services.
We will help you on all the questions related to the repairance of the real estate, by phone or using the Website form.
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