Construction on the Costa del Sol

Stages of building a house

Preliminary work:

  • Search for a suitable plot.
  • Contacting with good architects.
  • Creation of the project and its approval in the board of architects, the administration of the town.
  • Obtaining a building license.

Each municipality has its own laws for the distribution of living space to the land area. It is important to correctly design and distribute the maximum living area of the house in proportion to the area of the plot.

Celebration of a contract for the house construction with the INMOLUX Company. With a pre-selected general contractor at the time of obtaining a license, the construction will begin faster.

The license to start construction is valid for 6 months. In order not to be subject to fines or suspension of construction, we are ready to go through all the checks that, as a rule, happen in the first days of construction.

Our company has all permissions, registrations, complies with all safety requirements, installing tapes and protective structures on the site.

Jobs that we also do.
  • Dismantling of old buildings (if necessary).
  • Foundation of foundations.
  • Installation of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Laying of walls, installation of ceilings, pouring of screeds.
  • Installation of internal partitions.
  • Installation of engineering systems, electricity, air conditioners.
  • Interior decoration.
  • Plumbing installation.
  • Exterior finishes.
  • Start up.
What is the result?

At the agreed time, you get a house ready for occupancy! You work with a reliable team of experts and builders, so your home will meet all of your expectations!

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