Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive services for the purchase of real estate in Spain

The INMOLUX a professional agency, is the best option to insure yourself against the mistakes that could be done when buying property in Spain!

Enlist the support of experts. We will not only provide transaction support, but also guarantee its successful completion.

Our specialists:

  • Know the nuances of Spanish law;
  • Know everything about the procedures for buying and selling luxury and budget housing;
  • Are fluent in the language of the country in which the legislation is written.

Real estate services are provided comprehensively: from the organization of a fact-finding tour, search and display of real estate on the spot, to paperwork, obtain a mortgage and complete the transaction (obtaining a property document).


According to the Spanish law:

– The services of the real estate companies are paid by the seller;
– This amount is initially included in the total cost of the property;
– The cost of real estate from the developer and the prices from the real estate agency should be the same.

Purchase of real estate by yourself can be more expensive!

If you buy a house, apartment, or villa directly from an owner or a construction company, you will pay a lot of services for an additional fee: collecting and checking the accuracy of documentation, opening a bank account, arranging a mortgage, work of a translator.

The total cost of such services is approximately 3,000 euros.

A professional agency will help you save money!

Why? The answer lies again in the legislation of the country. The developer cannot influence the price after fixing it—neither reduces or raises it, since when fixing the value, the sales tax is declared immediately.

Realtors can achieve a cost reduction for the buyer!

INMOLUX provides assistance at all stages affecting the process of buying properties in Spain, as well as rental housing in the residential and commercial sectors, permanent residence, and doing business.


  1. Extensive database: apartments, houses, villas, commercial real estate. Free search by given criteria.
  2. Organization of FREE fact-finding trips on the Costa del Sol. Showing real estate, a “live” inspection with your own eyes, a choice within the country.
  3. Opening accounts in Spanish banks. Addressing all issues on credit and banking operations.
  4. Mortgage lending—up to 70% of the cost, terms—up to 20-30 years, interest rates—2-3%.
  5. Clearance on transactions.

Social adaptation

  1. Obtaining the NIE (foreigner identification number).
  2. Registration of resident status—obtaining a residence permit.
  3. Assistance in obtaining a student residence permit, registration of children in kindergartens and schools.
  4. Rent or purchase a car with the registration.
  5. Selection of home staff: nannies, cleaners, housekeepers, gardeners, drivers.

Real estate renting

We will help you rent suitable housing or commercial property for your business on the entire coast of Sunny Beach in Spain and in Marbella. Individual offers and “hot” prices! Individual selection of villas, cottages, apartments, townhouses, and apartments on the Costa del Sol.

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