After-sale service

After-sale service

Have you purchased a property in Spain? Congratulations! You have completed a complex and exhausting process, and now you have ahead of you an acquaintance with the country and the arrangement of a new home. With a lack of knowledge of the language, infrastructure, terrain, and especially with a lack of time, this could be problematic.

The INMOLUX Agency can help you on this part of the way!

Do you dream to breathe calmly?

We coordinate all projects from beginning to end and offer after-sales service for real estate. A special after-sales department takes care of home repair and maintenance services on the Costa del Sol.

Entrust us with home control:
  • Room design;
  • Purchase and installation of furniture;
  • Landscape design;
  • Maintenance of the house, garden, pool;
  • Selection of domestic staff;
  • House cleaning;
  • Monthly utility bills with reporting (electricity, gas, telephone bills);
  • Payment of taxes and registration of tax documentation, insurance.

All this for a reasonable monthly fee!

Repair services in the complex and separately:
  • Installation of air conditioners, electrical appliances;
  • Warm floor;
  • Plumbing work;
  • Wiring;
  • Carpentry and painting;
  • Stretch ceiling.

All repair services are paid extra.

Additional Information

Exact requirements for a reasonable price

Comprehensive services are carried out on the basis of an accurate and detailed individual plan.

Previously, we will coordinate with you the property management program in the absence of the owners.

You could calmly relax and go about your business—we carry out the work of the administrator!

You can leave for any period, and when you return, we make sure that there’s nothing wrong with the property!

Real estate administration—why is it profitable?

Without the presence of the owner, a lot of ongoing cases may appear in the territory of the property. For example, as a result of bad weather, debris from vegetation may form; a pool may become clogged, etc.

We will provide everything, so that your accommodation will be fully prepared for your arrival:

  • The plants will be well-maintained,
  • The rooms will be ventilated,
  • The area remains clean,
  • The pool will be clean and filled of water,
  • The lawns will be planted with flowers.

We will take care of everything!

Conclusion of a contract

All actions will be carried out, according to the concluded contract, and the customer will receive a report on the need for ongoing work.

The contract specifies the number of visits per month, the cost of services, and performance guarantees.

You don´t have to worry about anything. We will take care of your home!

Live and enjoy the beauty and coziness, do business, and know that your home is in safe hands!

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