Inexpensive Spanish reality!

How to reduce the price of buying property in Spain? It’s real! Pay attention to new buildings at an early stage of construction – here, not only housing in Spain, prices are inexpensive, but can even be 5-7% lower.
At the same time, you do not risk anything, since a contract is necessarily concluded in which the price is reduced by 10% for the conclusion of the contract, and 10% during the construction process.
Thus, in the early stages in new buildings, you can buy housing in Spain – the prices for receiving keys will be only 80% of the cost.
Every day you will receive by mail the hottest offers from leading developers.
Buying a home in Spain will be much easier. You will have more working time to communicate with family and friends, we will undertake the analytical work and preparation of documents

Popular areas and prices

The most popular building areas are for foreigners the islands of Tenerife (Canary Islands) and Mallorca (Balearic Islands), then Barcelona and of course, the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. We call Torrevieja, Alicante, Marbella and others. In addition to mortgage options and prices from the developer, you can consider apartments and houses in the secondary market. For example, an apartment with one bedroom and a hall in excellent condition is sold for 40,000-50,000 thousand euros. The farther from the sea, the cost of housing will decrease. And you can find such cozy areas in which it is comfortable to live, but which will cost much cheaper than on the first line.

Our experts will provide an opportunity to purchase real estate in Spain by the sea inexpensively. To do this, you need to conclude an agreement, as a result of which you will receive advice from a personal manager who provides consistent consulting support on all issues.

Property in Spain – where is better?

Spain is the most favorable region for real estate investment. Therefore, many are wondering – where is the best property to buy in Spain for permanent residence?

The Mediterranean coast is a place where for the future it is quite possible to provide a real exchange of residence. Prices are rising slowly, after the crisis of 2007 they have not yet aligned with the pre-crisis levels. Many buyers set out to diversify their existing capital, laying the foundation for doing business in another country. A large segment of buyers simply wants to move to a warm, prosperous developed country, having obtained citizenship or a residence permit here according to a simplified system for foreigners.

But the main reason is a favorable climate for life, a stable system of legal relations in civil society. Here you can not be afraid of colds all year round, eat good and tasty natural products, give children a decent education and feel at the same time constantly protected by law enforcement agencies. That is why the demand for real estate in Spain is only growing.

Construction boom continues

On the Costa de Almeria and Costa del Sol, there is always a demand for housing, but mainly for very wealthy people, less often for the middle class. Many buyers lament that they lost a few years before making a decision. The market has grown significantly during this time. In the famous Andalusia, Europeans are massively buying real estate prices, especially residents of the northern regions, while in Costa del Sol there are more Russians and residents of the CIS. In our agency there are enough cases when transactions were made by buyers, without even leaving the place. The whole process was owned by our specialists. We present commercials, brochures, price analyzes, project plans for houses and villas.

The construction boom has long been ongoing here, providing real estate in Spain cheaply for permanent residence at lower prices, because at the initial stage you can get an object 25-30% cheaper. For example, a finished house or apartment for 550 thousand in the initial stage can be obtained for 305 thousand euros.

The most expensive prices in Marbella, however, the interest of buyers is not reduced. And all because in the most fashionable area of ​​the coast, there is less and less space, and entertainment is designed for a wealthy audience – 53 golf courses are located in the western direction to Gibraltar. There are many gated complexes with the highest developed infrastructure.

Where can I buy budget property

Another thing the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada – these are areas of Catalonia for those who are looking for living real estate in Spain is inexpensive, prices are affordable even for those who have a small income. A lot of housing is purchased for rental, you can get income from 4 percent. In small boutique hotels, rental income reaches 7-8% per year.
Commercial property in Barcelona is in great demand. But on the coasts by the sea attracts real estate in Spain for permanent residence at affordable prices. You can move here and get a residence permit over time. Even if the purchase price is less than the declared 500 thousand euros for an urgent residence permit.
What places are more popular in Spain for permanent residence
Villas, townhouses on the Costa del Sol from 170 thousand euros. Townhouses – up to 135 thousand Euros.
Apartments with 3 bedrooms, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada.
Distance from the sea – from 250 meters to 1 km.
On islands with a high influx of tourists, for example, Tenerife, a high percentage of rental is up to 6%.

INMOLUX specialists will help you navigate market prices and choose real estate for permanent residence in Spain for any budget, including with mortgage credit agreements with banks. The main thing is to be in time!

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